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Correcting scoliosis can improve kids' learningSpinal Tap | Dr. Ng Shun Yan (Dr. Yan) | 18 Jun 2024 11:08 am

The Standard Column

📖 The Surprising Link Between Scoliosis and Academic Performance | Dr. Yan Ng, Doctor of Natural Medicine in Canada #DrYanColumn

Correcting scoliosis can improve kids' learning

Spinal Tap | Dr. Ng Shun Yan (Dr. Yan) | 18 Jun 2024 11:08 am

I'm excited to announce that #TheStandard has invited me to share my insights with you every month on Friday, starting June 18😊.

With exam season upon us, many students are striving for top grades 📚, often studying intensively 📖. However, did you know that your spinal health can significantly impact your concentration and learning ability? 🤔

Scoliosis, a condition involving the curvature of the spine, is often overlooked but can play a crucial role in a student's academic performance. Poor spinal alignment can lead to physical discomfort, affecting attention and learning capacity 🧠. In my articles, I'll share personal experiences and tips on how to manage and improve spinal health to help you perform your best academically 💪.

Wishing all the students the best of luck during their exams 🍀😊👍🏻.

The Standard Column

📖 How Spinal Health Influences Academic Achievement | Dr. Yan Ng, Doctor of Natural Medicine in Canada #DrYanColumn

As exam season approaches 📅, many parents, including myself, are fully invested in helping their children succeed 🎓. While motivation is crucial, did you know that spinal health can significantly affect concentration and learning ability? 🧐

Our spine supports our body and houses nerves that connect to our internal organs 🏃. Proper alignment is essential for overall health 🌟. Misalignment can cause pain, hinder organ function, and lead to issues like insomnia, reduced concentration, and memory problems 🛌💤. In fact, over 70% of patients with spinal pain report that it affects their sleep and daily performance 😴.

To boost concentration and learning, taking care of spinal health is just as important as studying hard 📖💪.

Wishing all students great success in their exams and top results 🌟😊.


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